How It Works

Learn about how NeuCup™ works for you.

The NeuCup Process

Take The Test

The Patient picks up the test kit from their doctor or has it delivered to their home.

They follow the simple step-by-step instructions beginning with downloading the app.

Send The Test

The patient takes a picture of the test strip.

The image is sent directly to your physician through the app via a HIPPA-compliant cloud.

Telehealth Call

A medical professional receives the results and initiates the telehealth call to the patient.

The patient receives the same day quality care from the comfort of their home.

The NeuCup™ App

The NeuCup™ Telemedicine Kit uniquely allows the patient to take an in-home diagnostic urinalysis test and collect a urine sample. The NeuCup™ app transmits the diagnostic test results to the doctor via the patient’s cell phone without leaving their home. The physician reviews the results and initiates a telehealth visit to the patient. The reimbursement codes for the diagnostic tests and telehealth visits are already in place and generate additional income for the medical practice.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do patients get a NeuCup™ kit?

NeuCup™ is picked up from your medical practice office or shipped to your home.

Is NeuCup™ hard to use?

No, all you need is a smartphone and the NeuCup™ app.

How much does a patient pay for NeuCup™?

NeuCup™ is free of charge to the patient.

Is NeuCup™ data secure?

All NeuCup™ data is sent through our secure HIPAA compliant cloud. 

Does NeuCup™ replace an in-person office visit?

In most instances, yes.

A Complete Urinalysis At-Home Test Kit