Home urine diagnosis that’s fast, and easy to use.

Introducing NeuCup™, and the future of telehealth for urinalysis.

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The future of urinalysis is here, watch this video to see why.

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What’s NeuCup™?

A user friendly, at home, hygienic urine test and collection system that brings telehealth to urinalysis.

Benefits for Doctors & Patients

The simple truth is this: there are too many patients, and too few doctors. Especially specialists, such as urologists.

Through the use of NeuCup™, the medical practice can prioritize which patients need to physically come into the office, while providing a personalized medical visit through a telemedicine call.


Same day access to a specialized doctor without waiting for a long-term appointment.


Patient does not have to travel and sit in the doctor’s office. No more waiting!


Telemed visit with a specialized doctor on the same day you take the test.


Reimbursement insurance codes are already in place, improving billing ease.


If necessary, urine sample can be sent to the lab for DNA test.


Less patients in the office, reducing patient backlog, so doctors can prioritize patients.

A Complete Urinalysis At-Home Test Kit